Unlocking Global Opportunities,
Delivering Excellence

TPSR Internationals is a leading registered export company from India, dedicated to bridge the gap between businesses and global markets

Why choose us

At TPSR Internationals, we specialize in connecting businesses worldwide, offering a seamless and efficient platform for international trade. As a leading export company, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services that enable our clients to expand their horizons, reach new markets, and achieve remarkable growth.

Extensive Global Network

We have developed an extensive network of trusted partners, suppliers, and distributors across various countries. This allows us to connect your products to the right markets efficiently.

Industry Expertise

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, and market trends. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments to ensure a smooth export experience for you.

Quality Assurance

Your satisfaction is our priority. We implement rigorous quality control measures to guarantee that your products meet the highest standards and regulations of the target markets.

Efficient Supply Chain

With our expertise in logistics management, we ensure that your products are transported safely and timely to their destinations. Our streamlined processes minimize delays and keep costs under control.

Compliance and Documentation

Navigating the complex world of export documentation can be overwhelming. We handle all the necessary paperwork and compliance requirements, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Tailored Export Solutions

We understand that each business is unique, and so are their export requirements. Our team works closely with you to design personalized export strategies that align with your specific needs and objectives.

Our product categories

Elevate your business success with our in-demand products, paving the way for your year-round growth

Copper Products

Copper utensils are known for their durability, longevity and health benefits. When properly cared for, they can last for generations

Leather Products

Leather has a classic and timeless appeal that never goes out of fashion. Whether it’s a leather jacket or a bag it adds elegance to any outfit


Garment Products

With a passion for style, we bring you a wide range of trendy and high-quality garments that cater to diverse tastes and preferences

Whether you're a seasoned exporter looking to diversify your product range or a new entrepreneur ready to venture into the global market,
TPSR Internationals is your trusted partner